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For over 20 years Chrysalis Evolution has provided expert assessment and training services that get results!

Using the latest technologies in assisting people to advance in the fields of Continuous Professional and Personal Development. Chrysalis Evolution are dedicated to promoting and providing CPPD Training Services, Psychometric Assessment Services and Soft Skills Training Solutions. Our focus is on assisting clients to achieve measurable results.

Chrysalis Evolution are the first choice to assist organisations and individuals in a number of ways such as: HR Analytics, Assessment Services, Learning & Development Services, Career Coaching Services, Business and Life Coaching Services, Training Services, Workshops and Seminars.

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Measures essential, job-specific success factors with highly accurate results using 6,500+ researched Job Success Formulas. 

Accurately predicts an individual’s engagement, performance, work satisfaction and retention. Provides decision makers with an easy-to-understand overall score explicitly indicating a person’s potential for success in a specific role.

Prevents and detects deception using three psychological methodologies for authentication. Provides the equivalent of a full day of typical job-specific testing in less than 25 minutes. Offers administration in 29 languages.



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